Food Stall

Our best food in the place.

presentation of the food will be a matter of great marriage, we provide the best for you.

The Food

Indonesia, Western, Japaneese.

we have a variety of food with a flavor that is maintained by the executive chef of our reliable. with our strong traditional flavors we are bringing the feel of a thick Indonesia. also with international food treats like japaneese food, western food which can be selected with joy at the wedding of our reservation system. visit our reservation page here.

Our values

Padjadjaran Suites Resort Bogor
Has a ballroom with a capacity of up to 1500 people and with a luxurious interior has its own characteristics to support the splendor of the wedding. supported as well by a separate building by the hotel to make the right location and strategic for the convenience of guests. supporting facilities such as ATM, swimming pool, outdoor and indoor restaurant, WIFI, entertainment center, also the famous jungle water park and jungle festival is just 2 minutes from the hotel location.

Padjadjaran Suites Hotel Bogor
with the support of its strategic location in the city center is also only 60 minutes from Jakarta and 10 minutes from the toll gate Baranangsiang and ballroom with a capacity of 500 people make our hotel very attractive for weddings held. Position ballroom that can be accessed from the outside makes it very easy reception. supporting facilities such as swimming pool, ATM, outdoor and indoor restaurant, fitness center and spa, WIFI lounge also make you and your guests can enjoy perfectly happy days.

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